High Frame Rate: 30 years of urban art - Raptuz solo show - Milan, November 2017


Avantgarden Gallery is proud to present one of the most influential artists in international writing, coming back to Italy and Milan, after exhibitions in Miami, Los Angeles and Washington DC. Raptuz, active since the mid 80s, celebrates 30 years of artistic activity.

Amongst the pioneers in the Italian urban art scene, protagonist in the international artistic circuit, Raptuz is co-founder of historic TDK Crew (Milan), honorable member of CBS Crew (Los Angeles) and LORDS Crew (San Francisco).

Avantgarden Gallery - forever devoted to urban culture and its roots - and HIGH FRAME RATE invite the artist to measure himself against the gallery spaces both by presenting his unpublished works on canvas and by acting, according to tradition, on the external wall of the location. The aim is therefore to invite the audience to a direct, visual comparison between Raptuz's roots and contemporary development in terms of techniques and concepts.

With HIGH FRAME RATE the artist is invited to address two worlds he knows well and is connected with: cinema and comics. Raptuz is, first of all, a talented cartoonist (one of his early works was with Disney) and a designer. His research is about dealing with an extreme definition of his lines and chromatic designs, in order to create compositions that connect definition with vision.

The artist will present works made with his technique and his unique style, called "Broken Window Futurism", an expressive mode evolved over time, characterized by the breakdown of works, shapes or colors, playing with chromatic scales, warm/cold and light/shade contrasts, to allow multifocal, fragmented, and deformed vision of abstract or figurative images.

Featuring Hollywood scenarios, bright  Los Angeles sunsets, bright Pacific waves, popular and controversial actors, globally recognized animation pop characters, Raptuz features highly chromatic impact work, high definition in color stroke and application, as if to immortalize the infinite parts of still images from a high resolution video stream on a canvas.

Download "Effetto Nitro", the special fanzine in limited edition.